Follow your passion!!

I completely switched my profession 16 years ago. There were some obstacles I had to overcome (going back to school for example) and most of them had to do with how I decided that following my passion was good enough a reason to do something about my life. I had a good job but I didn’t feel my passion.  I was content but seeing the whole picture I couldn’t see how I could continue working there. I was missing something, and even though I did not know quite what I was missing I knew I wanted to pass something good to others and affect my environment in a positive way. I used to have this picture in my head, where I was standing in a hall full of people with this motivational speech - but time would tell what it was exactly that I was talking about. I saw myself writing books or articles and when people sat down to read they understood where it was coming from. I wanted to have an impact on my society - only time would reveal the effect, but I always believed in my heart that I could do it and more important, I felt I had to do it.
When we decide that we want to change our lives, our community does not necessarily support it and the motivation that society accepts is often the one driven by money and power. When your motivation is neither money nor power but passion, you often get stamp of the romancer that doesn't realize the importance of 'real' professions where the 'right' motivation exists. When I decided to make those changes, I got many questions relating to the fact that I was choosing a profession that was not a well-paid one. I got remarks about job-respect, about my age (I was 33!!!) and if I thought this would pay off in the long run. The questions I was asking myself were related to how I wanted to see my life. I wanted to follow my passion and I also believed that if I could see the whole picture clearly, It would pay off in the long run. I got an awful lot of "Oh, you're such a sweetheart" reactions - following the smile that said "you don´t have the slightest about what matters, do you". J

Would like to point out a great lecture by Simon Sinek on about the importance that we see the meaning of what we are doing (How great leaders inspire action).  You can experience more stress than passion if you work a lot, but are not finding the meaning in your work - the WHY is missing. The words play an important role when it comes to this- how we talk about our work and if we are letting others deciding what the right thing is for us. Are we like leaves in the wind that are easily blown off by other people’s ideas about our future!!

When we believe that what we are doing, really matters and we are ready to follow it all the way through despite what others might think, we are experiencing our passion. Today I´ve had my own column, I blog about personal growth and happiness and I´ve had lectures  around my country about those same things. I've never felt more alive and will never doubt the decision I made 16 years ago. I’m now taking my first steps to blog in English and I'm sure I will get it in no time - I ‘am an optimist by heart J
The big picture is exactly as I saw it few years ago and I encourage you to find yours. But remember - words can be inspiring, but the decision to change has to come from you J

Where do you want to go and why?

Peace and love!!
Anna Lóa